True story.

Every day since my due date I have come to my blog to look at my little ticker thingy. And every day I feel a little more sorry for myself. -6.... Oh poor me! Isn't that silly?

My midwife came this morning. We are sure this baby will be here soon. I've actually been having lots of contractions since she left. But nothing with any kind of pattern or anything yet. So... we'll see.  She said he seems perfectly healthy. His heart rate was great. He was moving around a bit. And he's in a great position. My blood pressure and all that stuff was also perfect. So there's no reason to try to rush things... except for my sanity. And if I know baby is doing okay, it helps me be okay too. I mean of all we sacrifice for these little people throughout the course of their lives, it all kind of starts with this. The first gift I'll give him is letting him chose his own birthday. (Although Aaron did threaten him last night, that if he doesn't come out soon we will never recognize his birthday for the rest of his life. Sorry kid, it's Jesus' birthday this time of year, and ya know you COULD have been born a couple weeks earlier, but YOU chose to stay in there forever, so now you never get a birthday party for your entire life...we joke, we joke. Aaron also promised him a car for his 16th birthday if he came early. Too late for that one, kiddo.)

In other news, I have had a horrible cold and Aaron has all these tests this week, and I've just been feeling overwhelmed and sick and so very pregnant and scared and all kinds of crazy emotions... so I called my Mommy. And I asked her to meet me somewhere in the middle of PA and take my kids for me. And she did. Yeah she's the best. So now all I have to worry about is resting and getting this baby out. And maybe putting away some laundry or cleaning or some kind of nonsense like that.

Today I did some stuff for Seminary, laid around, ran a quick errand, laid around, and still working on that laying around. It is glorious. Although I can't believe how much I already miss my baby girls. Seriously! But I also don't know how I'd be functioning if they were here. I know they are safe, and loved and having a blast with my family. I am so incredibly grateful to be have family willing to do that for me!

So for the rest of the day I'll be watching Netflix from my couch... just waiting. And praying that tomorrow I wake up feeling at least a little better. And then I can have this baby. Weekends work well for me.


Tom and Juli said...

Awww your mom is awesome! Good luck getting the baby here... Those little stinkers are stubborn from the womb and on. :)

lrbodine said...

I'm so glad you get some kid free time - even if you miss those little girls! You know they are in great hands. I really hope this little guy decides to come SOON!

Geevz said...

Yay for mamas! I hope the little fella come in three days. Then you can have 1 day to get better from your cold and lay around, 1 productive day doing things you felt guilty not doing while you watched netflix, then another day of netflix and relaxing. Boom! Then the baby comes.

I'm going to send this order up to the man upstairs in your behalf.