Olivia's bed time story.

I had Olivia tell me a story the other night for bed time. My brain just couldn't function enough to come up with a story. Well, she had no problem. I was really impressed with her story I wanted to write it down somewhere. I'm going to try and write exactly like she said, as much as I can.

"Once there was a little bird with a hurt wing. His wing was really hurt. He had to rest so it could get better. Once it got better he could fly SUPER high. He flew all the way up to SANTA'S SLEIGH! Santa was stuck in a storm. His reindeer couldn't see in the clouds and the storm. The birdie said, 'Tweet, tweet, I can help, tweet tweet.' And Santa said, 'Who are you?' The birdie said, 'I'm Tweetie! Tweet. I have good eyes! I can see in this storm.' And so Santa said okay and the birdie helped lead the sleigh. Santa said, 'On DONDER! ON CUPID! ON TWEETIE!' And then the birdie helped Santa get out of the storm."

At this point she realized her story had come to an end, but she simultaneously realized that if her story ended I would say goodnight and leave. So she had to keep going to avoid having to go to bed. Clever girl.

"But then Santa flew into a... tunnel! And a train was coming! And the train hit Santa! And all the reindeer died, but Santa didn't because he's magic. And presents went everywhere. But the presents had names on them so everyone knew what presents to take."

And then she gave up on trying to stay awake and just said the end. I was really impressed with her story. I had to repeat it to Aaron to see if it was something he had told her once or something. He said it was completely original. She is such a little smarty pants! I love hearing what her imagination comes up with.


alliopie said...

lol I love it! That really is a great story! and the extension at the end I think is my favorite!

Rebecca said...

I love it!