Abigail has a crown on. She keeps walking around saying "Princess Abigail!" And then she clears her throat like she has something important to say.

She was sitting on the floor at the top of the stairs, and I stepped over her to get into the living room. She stood up and looked at me and said, "Hey! Don't step over me. Say, excuse me can I come in and dance?" Well in Abigail speak it sounded more like - "Hey no tep ober me! SAY scusemecanIdance?" She had major emphasis on the say.

After giggling at her, I walk into the living room to find her wearing one of my necklaces, with her baby doll swaddled in one of Nathan's abandoned blankets. She was rocking her doll to sleep and shushed me as I started talking. Apparently her baby JUST fell asleep. Well I know how that goes, so I shushed myself over here to my computer to capture a bit of the cuteness happening right now.

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