A couple days ago we took the girls to Taco Bell for dinner. When we announced that was the plan Abigail was overjoyed. "TacoBell! TacoBell!" She shouted over and over the whole way there. And then bursted into tears upon arrival. "Abigail what's wrong?"
"Tacobelll!!!" She cried over and over. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what was wrong, I realized she was saying, and thought we were saying, "Tinkerbell".  I think I'd be pretty disappointed too, if I thought we were going somewhere with Pixie dust and fairies, and got refried beans and processed meat instead.

Aaron and I have learned we can NOT, ever, tell Abigail to "chew" her food. One night Abigail was playing with her food, and then talking with it in her mouth. Aaron told her, "Abby, CHEW! Chew your food." And Abigail faked sneezed all of her food that was in her mouth back onto her plate, with a great big "ACHOO!" The most hilarious part of this, is that she thinks she's being obedient! She thinks when we say "chew" that this is exactly what she wants us to do. So it's not uncommon at our dinner table to hear, "Abigail - bite your food... with your teeth, bite it and bite it and swallow."

Olivia's nickname is "Yaya". Abigail has a mama, a dada, and a yaya. Just fyi. So the other day Nathan was doing his baby crunches that he's started doing lately. I noticed and said, "Oh yeah Nate, work those abs!" And then Olivia came by and said, "No Mom, tell him to work those Yayas!"

And then tonight Aaron came home and I told him all I was doing for Olivia's little cold. "I gave her some hot Innergize, and some euthanasia." To which Aaron replies, "Echinacea?"  "Yeah, that."


Adelina Priddis said...

Lol! Euthanasia, hahaha. I would totally be disappointed too if I thought I was going to see tinker bell and got tacos instead

Geevz said...

um, awesome. Just plain awesome. And it may be silly, but I just noticed I'm on your sidebar :) Happy day.


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