I am so grumpy today. I don't want my kids to touch me. And of course they want nothing but to climb all over me. Wah. So I'm taking a minute to lock myself away (figuratively speaking anyway, in reality I'm sitting on the couch and hoping Netflix will be enough of a distraction) and just write for a bit. I don't even really have anything to say. Maybe I can try to deduct while I am so grumpy. My house doesn't stay clean for more than 5 minutes. I have a baby who nurses every 4 hours and quite frankly sometimes my boobs just want a break. My longest stretch of sleep for the past.. oh probably 6 months.. has been 6 hours. And that was the BEST night... sometimes you just want to sleep for at least 8 hours. Sometimes I just want to sleep for 12, or 24. Most nights I probably average 4 uninterrupted hours. Also, I've been dieting. Enough said. We've been sick. Also, enough said. I have a dentist appointment on Monday. I am beyond petrified of the dentist. Like seriously - when I called to set the appointment my fight or flight reflex kicked in, I had to run to the bathroom and was sweating. When they called to confirm the appointment yesterday the same thing happened. Just writing about this right now is giving me a stomach ache. I don't know how I am going to do it. I also forgot to cancel my live class for Seminary this morning. So a bunch of teenagers woke up at 6:00am, called into a class.... and I wasn't there. I didn't even think about it. Until I woke up to Aaron asking me, "Did you ever cancel your class? You have some texts..." Worst way to wake up, ever. Did I mention these kids who keep climbing all over me like I'm their own personal jungle gym? And they're always so loud. They do no understand inside voices, or being quiet because their brother is sleeping. Consequently, Nathan doesn't get enough sleep either. Oh, and the reason for the dentist appointment - I have a toothache. I'm pretty sure I need to get my wisdom teeth out. The guy I babysit for hasn't paid me for the past three weeks. 

Those are all great reasons to be grumpy right? Okay let's try to turn it around.. things to be happy about. General Conference this weekend. Also, I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted Saturday morning. And I've lost 14lbs the past 5 weeks. That's something, right? 

Okay I'm still incredibly grumpy. Maybe I'll try a shower.


Jamie said...

Amen and amen! Sorry the guy hash
t paid you. That's frustrating! Awesome about the 14 pounds! WAY TO GO! And we have all felt grumpy! I get grumpy almost daily these days! But you are on the right track counting your blessings. It ALWAYS makes me feel better. :-)

Lisa Eggs said...

Your blog always makes me smile and chuckle a little, but I guess a bad day was bound to happen when you're in that nursing/little sleep mode... But hey, 14lbs, that's no small potatoes! from another mormon mama, Lisa :)

Geevz said...

Dude. 14 pounds?! You are a rock star.

I say don't fight the grumps. I just make myself grumpier and guilty so I get even more sad. Embrace the grumps and know it will pass so indulge that life is terrible.

P.S. Dream of your visit to AZ and the adventures we'll have!

alliopie said...

Congrats on the 14 lbs! That is awesome! :) I want to see pics of you and your new haircut/color too :).

Sorry to hear you have been grumpy - I started out the day well and then got super grumpy near the end - kids writing on walls, cribs etc when they know better just super grates on my nerves - especially when I am tired on top of it. So I understand you there.

Have you asked the guy why he hasn't paid you? Maybe you need to tell him you need to talk about how often he pays you - he may think it is once a month? Hope he pays you soon - I would ask or tell him I don't watch kids unless I get paid . . . .!

Hugs to you Lauren! Hope things get better soon!