The current I

I am: a Jersey girl at heart
I think: that I'm always pregnant even when I knowI'm not.
I know: I should spend way less time reading people's blogs.
I want: to finally find the perfect house
I have: too many incomplete to-do lists
I wish: I owned one pair of pants that actually fit right.
I hate: putting away laundry
I miss: my fam in NJ
I fear: Aaron dying an untimely death (sick and morbid I know)
I feel: frustrated that Olivia won't nap
I hear: O fussing in my arms while I try to type this,and obnoxious neighbors.
I smell: the wonderful mixture of baby powder and sour milk that make babies smell heavenly
I crave: sleeeeep & silence
I search: for my keys, wallet, or one of the 6 binkies in our house, daily.
I wonder: about the next presidential election and what's going to happen to America.
I regret: stuff I did as a dumb teenager.
I love: the Gospel, and my husband
I care: about what other people think about me.
I always: nurse Olivia to sleep. Whatever works right?
I am not: ever happy with my body.
I believe: in God the Eternal Father, and in His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost
I dance: in my house while cleaning.
I sing: way off key, in fact so off key I don't even know what on key is, and that's not a joke!
I dont always: watch a certain TV show each week, like I used to.
I fight: seldomly with anyone
I write: in my journal once a week
I lose: binkies all the time.
I win: very few games I play with Aaron
I never: flew on a plane until I was 18
I listen: well, I hope. I try to be a good listener, because I know I'm def a good talker!
I can usually be found: on my cell phone.
I am scared: of lots of irrational things, dentists, escalators, masks...
I need: to teach Young Women's today
I am happy about: the fact that Olivia is really just an angel baby.
I tag: JESSICA! (so you'll finally update your blog ;) ) And anyone else who wants to play.

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