Today is Aaron's birthday. The big 2-5. Honestly, how did we get so grown up? Well on his special day I thought I'd sit here and list 25 wonderful reasons Aaron is the best. Some of these only he may get, but I guess this one's for him anyways ;)

1 - He is supportive of my crazy hobbies. Not only supportive, but helpful and encouraging.
2 - We can be extremely goofy and playful.
3 - He's a great dad, and even when he's had a hard day of work he'll still take Olivia when he gets home so I can have a few minutes to myself.
4 - He thinks I'm the best cook. He will eat anything I cook, even when I put cinnomin insteand of cumin in the chili, and sweetened condensed milk in chicken enchiliada casserole instead of sour cream.
5- He's extremely loyal to his friends and family. If someone ever needs him he is there in a heart beat.
6 - His patience.
7 -Genourisity (I probably spelt that wrong...)
8- The fact that he knows if I spelt that wrong and he could spell it correctly, along with any other word in the English language.
9- Crossword puzzles and airplane rides.
10 - He is my encylopedia. On our first date I asked, more just wondering outloud why someitmes the moon looks orange. Aaron knew. It's like that with almost everything. I can ask him just about any random thing and he always knows. It's crazy how much information he keeps in that brain.
11 - He really doesn't care if I don't make the bed every day. (At least I don't think he does... if he does he's really good at seeming like he doesn't mind.)
12- Wants the best for his family, so he works so hard for it.
13 - Honors his priesthood and does his home-teaching and other service quietly and humbly.
14 - Giving strangers rides. All over the valley. All sorts of people.
15 - The way he won't admit it, but really he loves black people. The way he talks to people who are black (sorry is that word offensive? I don't even know what's PC anymore) is just so funny. Can't explain it.
16 - Takes me on a date every week.
17 - He usually picks because I can never decide.
18 - Loves to surprise me... even if I'm not always super grateful (i.e., bedspread...) But even more so when I am (ie. appliances, flowers, etc.)
19 - Helps out around the house with laundry and dishes :)
20 - Rice and beans
21 - sss
22- Whenever I think of being in labor and giving birth I'm so amazed by how much Aaron helped me through what is quite possibly one of the hardest things I've ever done. I know usually the husband marvels at the wife, but he was really amazing!
23- How ever since we were dating and I got upset about his lack of affection during a movie, he now constantly rubs my arm, or holds my hand during movies.
24-The way he believes I can do anything. Paint, bake, play piano... and how he thinks I know where everything is.
25 - Aaaand the number one thing I love most about Aaron... how he puts his heart into things, from a video game to work.

Love you, Aaron. Hope your day is great.

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Nelson, Ashley, Brady & Kodi said...

Aaron is a good guy! We kinda like him! :)