Opie Family Reunion '08

Well we just got back from Hawley Lake for the Opie Family Reunion. It was beautiful up there. It was cool (maybe just a bit too chilly for me and O just getting over our colds), but nice and warm during the day. We bundled up like crazy at night. It rained lots, but just in little bursts. We played lots of fun games that were centered around a "Be Loyal to the Royal within" theme. This included "sword fighting" (locking hands in a certain way, with pointer fingers out as swords and you try to poke the other person... lots of fun) and this princess saving game, and a javelin tossing came... fun stuff. Mostly we got to just relax and chat with family. It was nice to see Christy, Aaron's cousin who moved to St. Louis a few months ago. I love chatting with her and picking her brain about all sorts of parenting questions, since I really admire her as a mommy! Olivia slept great for the most part. We on the other hand did not. Our first night we had this air mattress that Aaron's parents gave us as a gift for Aaron's birthday. Well... we didn't want to be rude, but it was just a horrible air mattress! I preferred the ground to it. Turns out, the box totally lied about what kind of mattress it was. Aaron's mom had thought she got this awesome double chamber queen size airbed type thing. And on the box that's what it said it was! But it def was not. I think that someone possibly purchased it, took out the good one, replaced it with their crappy one and then returned it. So anyway, first night on that mattress was just terrible. We tried to inflate and kept deflating and Aaron was sleeping right on top of a root... so probably around 2am he went and got a different air mattress. Well this one, we couldn't inflate because the little pump thing died trying to inflate the previous mattress so many times. So then around 3ish Aaron went and got a cot. I insisted on sleeping on the floor on top of the deflated air mattress. Except I didn't realize how incredibly cold I would be! And uncomfortable. So I think a little after 5 or so Aaron switched me. Then the cows invaded. There were these free roaming cows all over camp. And they were extremely loud. But I still got some sleep. The next night the cows were keeping me up again. This time though I dind't know it was a cow. I heard this weird drumming sound. I woke up Aaron and asked him what it was. He told me it was the rain falling in a bucket. It was not raining! I told him this, and he said, "What? Oh? I was just saying that so you don't get scared." Well I'm rambling a lot, and I should be sleeping so I'll just some up by saying it was a cow with his head stuck in someone's food bucket! For some reason I think that's hilarious.
Well going to sleep now. We're trying Olivia in her crib for the first time tonight. I'm really nervous about it, even though she's already asleep in it. I don't know what I'm so afraid of, but I love having her right next to us, where it's easy to feed her and hear her. But she can't sleep there forever right? So... we'll see how this goes. I think she could just sleep with us until she doesn't eat in the middle of the night anymore, but we'll see.
Oh and one more thing... I got sucked in and started reading Twilight while camping. I'm about halfway into it... good book, but I don't what's with the ridiculous craze! We'll see, my opinion may change. Okay eyes are closing while writing this ...

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