Finally some NJ pics...

First of all... I absolutely love this picture. It's just pricelss.

And these pictures don't really show much of the trip as much as Olivia's cuteness. But isn't she gorgeous? I just love her. Some cute tidbits. She now laughs her head off, but only at other kids! No matter how goofy I am, I just can't compete with 3 year olds I guess. But the sound is the best thing I've ever heard. Well time to sleep.
oh ps, I made Aaron a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting for his birthday and it was delicious. I went for taste rather than style this year, and it was so yummy. Everything was made from scratch. So fun that way. At least for the bragging rights :) Okay seriously sleep now.
Oh one more thing... birthday free stuff is so fun. There's a website that lists all the free stuff you can get on your birthday. Today Aaron enjoyed free lunch at Joe's Real BBQ, and a free movie rental at Hollywood video, which somehow turned into 2 free rentals but no one knew why. Did you know you could get your oil changed free at Autozone? And there lots of other things on this website: http://www.financephysician.com/2007/06/27/how-to-get-lots-of-stuff-for-free-on-your-birthday/. I'm sure there's way more out there, because this list doesn't mention Hollywood video or Harkins. But Perkins does a free stack of pancakes, Joe's does free sandwich, side, drink and dessert!, and Old Spaghetti Factory does free meal. So you could have a whole day of free fun! That's our plan for next year. Okay now really time to sleep.


Hadley Family Clan! said...

Olivia so so beautiful and she has such gorgeous eyes too. I am so glad that you got to go to Jersey and see your family. Love the pics and of course your cute little girl.

Sarah W. said...

You can borrow my kids anytime to make your sweet girl laugh and giggle anytime! They have been asking for her since we went to the museum the other day! She has the cutest laugh!