So here's my list of random things about me...

  1. I think it's really weird that my husband puts on a sock, then the shoe, then the other sock, then the other shoe... I thought everyone in the world put on their socks then their shoes. We've been married almost 3 years, and I just realized this, this morning.
  2. I have a desire to be frugal, and use coupons and find bargains and buy like $48239089054 worth of groceries for $14.86... but I just don't even know where to start.
  3. I'm a serial hobbyist. It didn't start until after I got married, but I have since taken up piano, painting, blogging :), traveling, knitting, crotcheting, baking, running, wii-fitting, scrapbooking... and next on my list is sewing, rock climbing, and cake decorating.
  4. I am really lazy. I have to force myself every day to be productive. If it wasn't for the guilt factor, I could lay around all day. It's a personality flaw I work on constantly
  5. Almost every peice of furniture we own was either a gift or found by a dumpster. I'm pretty sure the only peice of furniture we've purchased brand new is a bedside table at Ikea. I used to have issues with this, and wanted new pretty things... but now I'm pretty okay with it. Prefer it really. Because when the kitchen chair breaks (while I'm sitting on it...) or something spills on the dresser it's not a big deal because it was free. If it was something we financed or paid a lot of money for my life would be much more stressful
  6. That said... my husband and I do find ways to spend our money... I'd say most of our budget is spent on food and airline tickets. My family lives in NJ and we try to get back there as much as possible.
  7. I have big ambitions, that sometimes come to pass, and sometimes don't.
  8. Like I wanted a natural drug free childbirth, but got an epidural which is okay by me!
  9. Some recent things I've set out to do... run a 5k, complete a triathlon, remodel our kitchen, cook with food storage (powdered milk and hard red wheat)... things like that.
  10. I watch the show Reba almost every day. We don't have cable and cw61 is one of the only channels that comes in clear... and Olivia usually eats right at 4:00 when it's starting, and I just get hooked. It's not a good show, at all really. But sometimes it makes me laugh.
  11. Oh one more thing... I really think I have an early onset dimensia since I got pregnant and had Olivia. I forget so much important stuff, even if I write it down. I make typos, I never used to! I lose things a lot. I have become the type of person who always used to get on my nerves!!
  12. Oh and one more... I read your blog. I am sure if you are reading this, I have at one point read your blog, whether I know you or not. Whenever I'm feeding Olivia I am blog surfing and reading all about people's lives that I don't know. What a sick form of voyerism I am guilty of.

and that's all...


One BIG HAPPY Family said...

We have A LOT of things in common. Who knew?! I need you to email me your mailing address so that Andrew and I can send out our Adoption Party invite!

LG said...

that sock thing is pretty weird lolll :)

Christina MC said...

Cake decorating... someone in our ward is teaching a class. You should take it with me; how fun would that be? How do you like the Wii fit-it sounds fun but I'm leary of all things gaming....