First Egg

Not sure I even want to take a picture of it.

Olivia is pulling herself up in her crib (at 6 months!). She is really proud of herself when she does this, and its so cute. She smiles so big.

Well she pulled herself up, but then let herself go and fell SO hard into the side of her crib. The sound was seriously awful. She has big old bump and bruise.

Sadly, I know this will be the first of many.

Any suggestions on keeping her safe in this klumsy stage?


lrbodine said...

I wish I knew the answer to that one! Just this morning in fact, Ellie took a tumble onto our ceramic tile and has another goose egg. I did call the doctor after one of her really bad falls and was told as long as the bump went OUT and not in and she wasn't crying for more than 5 minutes - then she was probably fine. I find it best to distract her with something right after her fall. But Olivia might still be too young for that!

Sarah W. said...

Can't say I have any suggestions accept keep up with the hugs and kisses after! Mom can always kiss it better!!

Rebecca said...

The best suggestion I have is listen for someone who has a story worse than yours. Someone always does....