Please don't call CPS...

In the last 7 days my poor baby girl has been poisoned, electrocuted, suffered multiple head injuries (one resulting in a black eye) and has had the worst little cold that has now turned into a hacking cough.

Well let me explain. She's 7 months old now and getting into everything. Trying to pull herself up on everything, and then tries to walk. A few days ago I was painting our bathroom. I look over at Olivia in her playpen where I thought she was safe, but somehow something in there had wet paint on it, and of course she was eating it. A quick phone call to the poison control center assured me all she needed was a drink of water and she'd be fine.

The electrocution was more of just a shock, but she was eating the end of an extension cord, that was apparently plugged in. I feel most guilty about this one, because she was sitting in my lap and I didn't even think, "Oh extension cord in my baby's mouth, this can really only end badly."

And the head injuries are multiple, as she keeps pulling herself up onto EVERYTHING, stable or not. There was a coffee table and Grandma and Grandpa's cabin that Olivia liked to pull herself up on. It had the pointiest corners ever. Of course Olivia found that out with her right eye. It was horrible, and I think I cried as much as she did.

So the house is going to stay messy for a while, because I'll be busy protecting my baby from any more serious calamities.

ps- sorry that last video isn't working. I'm not sure what I did wrong, I'll try to figure it out while she's asleep.

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