Yay videos!

So here is Olivia crawling, sort of. This about a month old already! She has gotten quicker, and better form :) She now gets up on all fours and gets around pretty fast. And here's a picture right before the bonk that led to her bruise.

So proud that she pulled herself up! (And sadly two seconds later falls to her right and hits her head on that side of the crib)

Also, right now she has a nasty cold. So it's been sleepless nights, wiping noses, lots of fluids, many tears all around. And I think there's a tooth about to break through. Worlds of fun at the Opie house lately.

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Kristine Goworek said...

Love the last video of Olivia, but when I went to see this latest one, it said it was no longer available. Hopefully you can reload it. I'm so glad to be able to see and hear Olivia ïn action"!
Aunt Marita