100th Post Ya-hoo!

I think this picture is absolutely hilarious. Aaron was saying she looks like a Chip n Dale dancer or something. It's really just the remains of a really cute outfit, but the shoe/socks and the head band now looking like a bow tie really make it look like we have inappropriate halloween costume.

Olivia is almost 7 months old now. Wow! Some things she's been up to:
  • Pulling herself up on absolutely everything
  • Trying to "cruise" or walk along the couch or her crib, holding on and taking little steps. (this is often resulting in a fall, which sometimes doesn't even phase her anymore.)
  • Crawling everywhere
  • Emptying anything she can reach
  • Eating anything/everything she finds
  • Waves "hi", but not bye. She also sounds like she's trying to say "HI" when she first sees you. She'll make this throaty H--h-h-h-iiii sound. It's really cute, hard to explain, wish I could figure out how to put videos up on here.
  • Her best friend is still the scarecrow hanging on our door. She now anticipates seeing him when I open the front door and gets and smiley and excited.
  • She will still only laugh at other kids. We occassionally get a chuckle, but I think it's more of her pity laugh.
  • She is never content to be held and cuddled, she always wants to be on the go. Except in the middle of the night, and first thing in the morning. So I'm not really trying to get her to sleep through the night. She wakes up once for a cuddle, and I'm okay with that.
  • Although she doesn't want to be held, she does want your undivided attention. And if she doesn't want it, she needs it because she's probably getting into trouble.

And that's about all the highlights. She's almost 19 lbs, and I'm not sure how long, probably around 27 or 28 inches long. Oh yeah, she also says dada a lot. Never mama. She even tries to repeat most sounds you make at her, like "Alll done" she'll mimic back something that sounds close. But when you say mama, she says dada. :)


LG said...

Awwww walby that is sooo funny that her best friend is the scarecrow on your door! So adorable!!!

Also -- for videos...you should make a youtube page and post them there. Then you will have the embedded link from youtube that you paste right into your blog...that's what I do anyway. There might be a way to upload them straight to the blog but idk it!

One BIG HAPPY Family said...

I think all babies must have been pre-programmed to say dada first. Atleast that's how all of mine have started. I even just call Andrew mama sometimes just to see if they will catch on to the word. :) It never works. One day she will surprise you and say mama. And it's the sweetest word she will ever say.

Emily said...

To post a video, just click on the little film strip when you make a new post, then you can just upload from your computer. That's usually how I do it.

And I loved the "inappropriate Halloween costume" comment.