Happy Halloween!

So my last picture scared quite a few of you... and having the radio that close to the sink where Olivia was bathing probably not such a good idea. Consider the radio moved. No worries she never leaves my sight. Anyway Halloween has been fun. Well sort of. Olivia has ANOTHER cold. She's been coughing like crazy as well. No fun. But here are some cute pictures. We did venture out and go trick or treating with Olivia's cousins. They are all extremely tired in this picture.

Olivia got a second wind after a few minutes of seeing all the kids. It was an uphill battle getting to her sleep once we got home! But now she's finally asleep and I should be too. So goodnight. Hope you had a happy halloween!


michele said...

Olivia looked like she had a great time I love that smile it is precious. Can't wait until I get to see you guys and to hold her in my arms. (that is if she lets me)
Talk to you soon
Love you,


Hadley Family Clan! said...

Oliva looks so cute in her costume. How fun that she even got to go trick or treating with your cousins. Now who's going to eat all her candy?