We left Friday morning for Disneyland! I should probably blog about it later when the 6 hour drive from heck isn't so fresh in my mind. And the laptop is dying. So real quick.

Highlight from Friday has got to be the Mickeyhouse Clubhouse Playhouse, whatever it's called, disney live thing. Olivia loved it so much. I was crying watching her, just so happy. It was very cute.

Saturday... it was pouring rain when we woke up so we went and got all this rain gear at walmart. It didn't really rain much again the rest of the day LOL. Such is life. Anyway Sat we enjoyed lots of rides and very little lines. We did everything. It was great. Even went on Dumbo twice. Most of the rides that are indoors scared Olivia. She didn't cry, just clung to me, and showed no desire in doing the ride again. But dumbo she asked over and over. Same for the carasoul (don't know how to spell that one, lol). She even went on a roller coaster! I can't believe she's tall enough for some of that stuff already. She still loves the Tiki Room. Abigail actually seemed to enjoy that too. Abigial also really liked the Nemo ride. She was all smiles, and just fascinated. We ate at our favorite place in all of Disneyland, Goofy's Kitchen. It's expensive, but I think it's the best value in Disneyland. All you can eat! Food is sooooo delicious. And lots of time with the characters. Olivia even danced with Goofy. I'll post pictures to facebook and link it here later.

Okay so much for this being a short recap. But laptop really is about to die. Today we drove home, and it was rough. We had one hour of silence. Other than that, one of the two babies was crying pretty much the entire trip. So wonderful.

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Aaron said...

I was just rereading the last part about our drive home and it made my head start hurting from just remembering that trip...lets never travel again!!...for a month at least