Overheard on Huber St...

Okay so Olivia has been talking more and more every day. It's ridiculous things that are coming out of her mouth.

This morning she came into our room and stood by my bed saying, "Wake up, Mom. Wake up." When I didn't move she grabbed my arm and went, "Heeeave, ho! Heeeeve ho!" Seriously! I cracked up.

Also when we put her to bed she's been saying, "Yaya (Olivia speak for Olivia) can't sleep. Just can't sleep."

And last night she wanted me to stay with her. I told her no, I had to go feed Abigail, and she said, "Please, mama, just tonight." This kid is not even 2 yet!!

She also frequently says she's "scawed of monstaws". And she's started complimenting people. The other night she told her Aunt Molly, "Cute purse, Mowwy".

Okay glad I've got that written down now somewhere. I know there are more, I just can't think of. I'll have to write them down sooner.

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