Just a day in the life.

Today was pretty average. Nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary happened. But I want to blog about it anyway. Just so I can look back this time next year, or 10 years from now, and remember what a typical day was like. The kids woke up around 7:30. Well Abigail woke up at 2, and 6, and again at 7:30. We ate breakfast and watched PBS Kids. Abigail took a nap at 9:00. Olivia and I played and read books, then she took a bath and I got her dressed. Getting her dressed has now become the worst part of my day. She screams and cries, and it's always a fight. Even if I let her pick out her own outfit completely. She wants to do it herself, but doesn't quite have the physical capabilities of dressing herself, so she gets really mad. She usually tells me that it's Abigail's clothes I'm trying to put on her. LOL Makes me laugh now, makes me crazy in the moment. After a 40 minute battle of trying to get her dressed and ready for the day we went grocery shopping. I went $15 over budget. The kids were really good though. Except, I went to another store after the first, because I knew I could get a few things cheaper. I got Olivia a bag of marshmellows. I let her have them while I shopped at the second store. While I was checking out the lady said something about the marshmellows. I assumed she was wanting me to pay for them, and I said, "Oh no I already bought these at a different store.." And she was like, "Uhm, that's fine, but they are spilling all over the place." I didn't realize Olivia had stopped eating them and was dumping them out of the cart. I looked behind me and could see a little marshmellow trail of where we'd been the past 5 minutes. There was no one beind me so I ran back a little and picked the marshmellows that had dropped. I had put the marshmellows away in the diaper bag. While running to pick them up, Olivia got the bag out and dumped the majority of the bag into my diaper bag. At least it was in my bag. And I guess moral of the story, don't give toddler her own bag of marshmellows. Lesson learned. Anyway, that was the big outing of the day. We came home and put away groceries. Abigail napped. I checked Facebook and that stuff while Olivia ate some lunch. Aaron came home. We all hung out for a bit, and even went the hot chocolate place. Then Olivia took a nap and Abigail woke up. Then Olivia woke up too early from her nap, and fell back to sleep on me, but when I tried to lay her back down she woke up, so I just held her and watched Oprah for an hour while Olivia slept on me. During this time Abigail was in her bouncy chair. When she lost her pacifier I put back in her mouth with my toes (as to not wake Olivia). Yeah that's talent. We went for a walk. We played in front of the house. We did some laundry. We washed some dishes. We baked cookies and had spaghettio's for dinner. While I was putting Olivia to bed Abigail was crying in her swing. (Aaron is in school until 10:00 tonight) Olivia and I had the cutest little conversation.
Me - "I have to go take care of Abigail, I'll come back and check on you, okay?"
Olivia - "Okay Mommy. Abigail crying?"
Me - "Yes Abigail's crying. I have to go take care of her."
Olivia - "Oh, Abigail crying, she miss daddy?"
Me - "Yeah she probably does miss daddy. I miss daddy too."
Olivia - "Oh Mommy miss daddy? Yaya miss daddy too."

So cute. And then I watched American Idol and blogged this. Day in the life.


Jamie said...

Every day is the SAME for me. Sometimes it's nice to have things changed up a bit!!!

Aaron said...

I love reading about your day.

Liz said...

That is way more than I accomplish in any one day usually... because of work! It is amazing how much energy you lose sitting at a desk all day! I have no idea how working moms do it. I wish I could be home doing the things you do! ;-)