I've been updating a lot lately...

You may notice I go through spurts on this blog. Weeks at a time with no update, and then 3 in 2 days. Such is life. So I love this picture. I love Olivia's smiling face, as she's happily eating grapes from "the whole bag". Upon her insistence of course. I love how it pretty much sums up most of our day to day life. Every pot and pan has been emptied from the cabinet. There's stuff that needs to be swept off the floor. Abigail is usually looking more at me or Olivia, but she's usually planted somewhere that she can't get into any trouble. Oh the joy of the immobile stage! I love how you can see the plastic letter on the fridge. I don't know why that image just makes me feel so happy. Right now it's 11:30 and I should be sleeping, but it's so hard to sleep when you're pretty sure as soon as you're asleep a baby is going to wake you. Seriously, it's the worst. Okay I'm sure there are worse things, but when it comes to trying to sleep, not knowing how soon you will be woken up makes it so hard to sleep. I thought by now she would have already woken up, then I could lay her back down and at least know I would get 4 hours. In fact I'm debating, should I wake her up and feed her, then go to bed? But it's really only been 3 hours since she last ate, so she might not even be hungry. Gah. They really should come with instructions. I keep scrolling up to look at this picture again. Isn't Olivia's face just the best. She is so happy because I let her have the whole bag. And because I'm sitting on the floor eating grapes with her. And her sister loves her.
Tonight we went out for our Valentine's date. My friend Christie came over to watch the girls. I thought for sure Olivia would scream and cry when I told her I was going on a date with daddy and Christie was going to put her to bed. She just said, "Oh Christie Yaya bed? Okay, bye mommy! Hug! Kiss!" That was it. Christie said she didn't cry until after she was reading her some stories and singing to her, all of a sudden she burst into tears. Christie sang her some more songs and told her it was okay. Then she told her she needed to lay in her bed, and she (Christie) was going to take care of Abigail. Olivia said okay, then Christie heard her making noise in her room so she went in and Olivia had her church shoes on, and was piling up books. LOL So she told her she had to lay in bed. She asked Christie to stay. Christie told her she would come back and to wait for her in her bed. Olivia listened and Christie said she was asleep in like 5 minutes after that. I am usually really weird about other people putting my kids to bed. Probably because of how much I hated it when my mom wasn't there to put me to bed. It didn't happen very often, and the rare occassion my mom was out late I waited up for her. I just couldn't sleep until I knew she was home. I also had trouble sleeping if I knew she was asleep. There was something comforting in knowing she awake, taking care of everything, so I could sleep. If I was still awake when she went to bed I would freak out. I still make Aaron stay up later than me. In fact probably why I am still up rambling here is because Aaron fell asleep 40 minutes ago.
Well just one last random rambling. We'll see how long it goes. Today I have just been thinking a lot about the fact that we created people. Little people. I made them. I have literally just been marveling at this fact all day. Like this time last year Abigail was just this little embryo. And now, soley from material from my own body, my own flesh, she has become this little (and I use the word little very loosely here, since she's probably pushing 20lbs) person. Even after she was born, it is still my body that continues to give her life. And isn't it interesting that I couldn't have done it alone? I needed a husband to help me create this. God made us this way. To need each other. He could have done it differently, like worms or something, that just reproduce on their own... but he made us so that we need someone else to create life. It was just blowing my mind today. It's just such a simple truth, and yet so profound. We are not independent beings. We are interdependent on each other.

And then that got me thinking about how glad I am to be married to Aaron. Seriously, I couldn't imagine this life with anyone else. But that's a rambling for another post. I'm going to go try to feed and Abigail and then hopefully get at least 4 straight hours of sleep.
I love those plastic letters on my fridge.

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