Feeling like a grown up

Sometimes random things make me feel grown up. Nevermind the fact that I have a husband, two children and a home I take care of. No, it's not these things that make me feel grown up. At least not directly. It's the smell of the roast in the oven. That' I'm cooking. For my family. And it's fixing small plastic toys with super glue. It's finding the ticket stub from my first date with Aaron and literally being in total shock that we went to a movie that started at 9:50 PM. Yes, it is these little things that make me realize I'm really a grown up.

Sorry for the lack of update. We've had lots going on. We even had our first overnight house guests!! It was a blast to have my brother and sister-in-law here with us for the weekend.

Last night at 4:30am I heard, "MOMMY! MOMMY!" I went into girls room to find Olivia, completely naked, wide awake with every light on in their room and every book from their shelf in her bed with her. I brought her into our bed so she wouldn't wake up Abigail (who had amazingly slept through the whole ordeal). She tossed and turned and squirmed until 5:30.

I have been thinking I want to go on a camping trip with our little family. And then I think about how much I enjoy sleeping. And I change my mind.


melmck said...

the smell of roast totally makes me feel grown up! especially when i know i've actually chopped vegetables and potatoes and added them to the roast.

Kimberly said...

I still don't feel very grown up at times. Sometimes, I just wish I could turn back the clock and be a little girl with out any cares in the world!