My Epic Failure of a Morning.

Today was really miserable. Let me give you the run down.
I change Olivia's leotard three times.
I spend 10 minutes looking for Abigail's shoes.
I bribe, threaten, and speak through gritted teeth to get hair done.
Then I load two kids into car seats to start the drive in the pouring rain to dance class.
About half way there I thought I remembered something about spring break. And class being canceled.
I hope I'm wrong.
I wasn't.
It's 10:30... I think, "Well Aaron is done with school at 11, so might as well head back to LECOM to pick him up."
Then I got a text. "Ambassador meeting, think it will be done at 11:30, but don't know." Which we had spoken about several times, I just forgot. (Noticing a pattern here?)
The logical person would just go home, right? I'm not logical. Since I'm already out, I figure I'll go drag my kids around the mall. Or Old Navy or something.
Pull into mall parking lot. Abigail is out cold. I should have woken her up. Instead, looking at the clock seeing it's 11:10, I figure I can sit in the parking lot of LECOM for 20 minutes.
20 minutes turned into 50. During which Olivia told me she had to go to the bathroom. And then peed in her car seat since I didn't know what to do -- leave Abigail in the car alone? Wake Abigail up? I hoped she could hold it. She couldn't. After waiting 40 minutes I get a text from Aaron, "Want me to get a ride home?" I cried when I read it. I didn't even know what to say. But before I could respond he told me meeting was over and he'd be right out.

So basically I spent my whole morning getting ready for something I didn't have to go to. Then spent 2 hours in the car for absolutely nothing. Well to pick Aaron up from LECOM which is a 10 minute errand most days. Oh and during these glorious 2 hours I got a text from a friend inviting me to a birthday lunch for a mutual friend. I really wanted to go. Instead of going I sat in a pee smelling car for two hours. Oh yeah, and Abigail woke up after that 40 minute car nap and never napped again.

I spent the rest of the day folding and putting away laundry. And trying to write this blog post. Both of which were interrupted one too many times. Is it bedtime yet?


Staci said...

o man lauren you crack me up thats awesome

Liz said...

Aw.... I've had mornings like that and they were unbearable WITHOUT kids... I can't imagine how frustrated you felt. :-(

melmck said...

so sorry about the trauma.

if it helps, i had a carne asada burrito from fili's today and i thought of you. ever since you mentioned it, it's been on my mind.

hope yer day smoothed out! love you!

Rebecca said...

We've all had days like those. Just be grateful that not everyday is like that. I know it's hard to remember the blessings that we have, but you are truly blessed. There are days I envy you. :) (Maybe not the days you're in a pee smelling car, but on those other days.)