What Kind of Blogger Am I?

This is a question that keeps puzzling me. I know I think about weird things. This blog started as a place for me document my pregnancy. I never really thought about anyone else reading it. Then one day I realized other people did this too, and they didn't call it their online journal, but a "blog". So then I put a link on my myspace. Oh yeah myspace. And I knew family and a few friends were reading it. So it became a place for me to keep those people updated on my life while I lived far away from most of them. Meanwhile blogging became THE thing. Like who doesn't have a blog? Seriously. And some people started making money with their blogs! Like lots of money. I won't lie. I love to imagine me getting paid to write. Even if it was pennies. It's appealing. But am I.. ya know.. cool enough? And what would people think of me promoting my blog, if I was doing it make money? Because we all know people who want to make money are evil. I can't handle people thinking I'm evil.

And then it raises the question - if I did a have a blog that made money what kind of blog is it? Like, I'm not a food blog, or a political blog... am I humor blog? Do I need to fit into a category? Also I don't have nearly a good enough camera to be a "cool blog".

So I don't know what I am. But I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Soon I'll post pictures of our awesome time at Elmo's Green thumb this morning. (But it's not funny - so it doesn't fit into my humor blog category. Aaron needs to get home soon, I worry about the weirdest things when I'm up late alone.)


Mimi said...

i like cupcakes. ANYWAY you don't need a ctaegory for your blog i'm pretty sure after a while you'll be making MILLIONS out of it!!! :D

Geevz said...

I would love to make money writing. But then I think blogging would stress me out. I just write about what I feel like. Although I do think my life is less interesting now that I don't have all the funny teenagers to write about and mock. But then I remember how much I like reading momma blogs and I figure other people will still like reading mine. Then I try and tell myself it doesn't matter if anyone reads it if I like writing it.

It only works occasionally. :)

Laura said...

You're a mommy blog! Blogging about your kids, your family and your day to day life. That's definitely a genre!