So this is usually what time Olivia wakes up... but tonight she woke up at 2:30. I fed her, she fell back to sleep pretty quickly... but I can't! So I decided to bake cinnamon rolls at 4:00am. Now they're almost done but I'm afraid I'll fall asleep before the timer goes off... so I blog.

We looked at a house today, well tonight really. Let me tell you, looking at bank owned property after dark is scary. Extremely. This particular house probably would have been scary in daylight. It said vacant on the listing so our realtor (Aaron's cousin) took us. Flashlights in hand (the kind you have to shake to get the battery charged, because that's all Ammon could find) we left at 8:00pm. We pull up and the exterior of this house is charming. Citrus trees, roses bushes, and a little front porch. Backyard is a nice size, with a nice fenced in pool. We try to get in, but Shawn's (realtor) ekey realtor thing is expired, since it's already so late they switched the numbers for the next day or something. Meanwhile he has his wife and two kids with him who are 3, and 5 months. They are not happy. It's late. I feel bad. So then we finally do get inside and it's scary. First thing to hit me is the smell. Pee. Gross. And it looks like it's still sort of, kind of occupied. Sean calls out, "Hello?" and my heart is seroiusly racing. There's just junk every where. Like a single high heeled shoe on the kitchen counter. Old quilts and bedspreads. Garbage. Pots and pans. I try to see the potential. Nice tile floors. Reccently painted... but painted over some weird bamboo wallpaper. Nice kitchen. Marble tile countertops. Interesting. Then there's the bedrooms. One is hot pink with writing with marker on the walls. Teenager's room I'm sure. Then there's two more. One smells so horrific I don't even go inside. One is filled with bedspreads. Then there's the master. It's a good size. The bathroom is small. I don't think there's a walk in closet. And then there's a huge cockroach in the bathroom. This is what freaks me out the most. I am ready to leave. Meanwhile Aaron is falling in love with this house. Yes, you read correctly. The smell, the creepy-ness, the roaches... don't seem to mind. It's a good price, in a good neighborhood and somehow feels right to Aaron. We agree to go back in daylight. Maybe then I can see what Aaron sees.


Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Wow - I don't think I ever had a desire to make cinnamon rolls in the middle of the night! Even while nursing.

Good luck on the house hunting! If it's any consolation - our house was in HORRIBLE shape when we bought it. I really wish I had taken pictures of how disgusting it was when we bought it! Sometimes you have to imagine the potential.

Hallsted Happenings said...

Ha! Michael and have been lokking for months now, every houses one of us loves. Good luck, three months down the road and we still haven't agreed!