So we're getting onto somewhat of a routine around here! However, Olivia is now not sleeping as good at night. She's still sleeping at night, but I'm not sure if things are better or worse. However we'll continue with how things are going and I'm sure it will get better. I think now is more normal for her age anyways. Typical day looks like this:

7:30ish - wake up, eat, get dressed, play a little
8:45 - Nap time
10:45 - Wake up, eat, play, go for a walk etc.
1:00 - Nap time
3:30 - Wake up, eat, play, etc.
5:00 - 45 minute catnap
5:45 - eat
7:00ish - eat
8:00 - bath, get ready for bed,
8:30ish - eat
11:00 - "dream" eat
3:30 - kinda wakes up and eats


Terra said...

cute baby! sounds like the schedule from the baby whisperer. if you want to look at our blog you can email me for an invite earthlight_(at)hotmail(dot)com

Mrs and Mr W said...

i dont think i'll be ready by then to do a 5k, and we'll be moving a couple days after the race. but i really wish i could go! im so glad that you are doing a similar program! is it working for you? how do you feel? i hope that i loose some weight! i'm going to find a 5k in Utah in 9 weeks and totally run it! i know that will motivate me! how is little Olivia doing? how big is she now? she is sooooo cute!