Glad I didn't have to endure this...

So msn.com did an article about the top ten mothers of the animal kingdom. I found it really interesting... did you know the female octopus lays 50,000 eggs, and then watches over them so diligently she doesn't take time to even go find food for herself... and to keep from starving she eats one of her own arms! But most interesting was their 1., the Sea Louse:
Sure, she may be just a small aquatic crustacean, but the female sea louse is No. 1 on our list and here's why. First, she's lured by the male into his bachelor burrow for mating where -- surprise! -- she discovers that she's actually in a harem with 25 other pregnant females! If that wasn't bad enough, once the babies are ready to be born, they make their way into the world by eating her from the inside out. Worst. Childbirth. Ever.

Makes an epiosotomy sound like a pinic.. well maybe that's a poor choice of words.

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