Two months already!

My dear little Olivia,
Two months have gone by, and you have changed my world more than you will ever know (at least not until you have a baby of your own someday). Every thought and dream now includes you. You are really a very good baby. You sleep at night. You don't usually fuss unless you're tired. You're not a schedule, but we're working on it. Your smile is amazing. You really like music. In the past two months you have traveled 3,000 miles to New Jersey and 3,000 miles back. You've been to the cabin in Christopher Creek twice, you've gone to Tuscon, and to Phoenix for your first D-Back's game, and you're only 9 weeks old. You've had two colds. You've never been away from me for more than 2.5 hours. You hate being on your tummy, unless it's to sleep (which I know is wrong, but sometimes we let you do it anyway). You love your daddy so much. He likes to hold you while he plays video games, but I take you away when he plays games like Resident Evil because I think watching it gives you bad dreams. I can't wait to see what the next month brings, and the next and the next...

MommyHere you are, absolutely done trying on blessing dresses. You can't sit up on your own yet, but this dress was poofy enough to hold you up!

Here you are getting ready to go to your first baseball game.

And here you are on your two month birthday with your cousins. The look you are giving me is priceless.


Christina MC said...

The baseball outfit...seriously too cute for words!

Aunt Swiney said...

what a face!!!