Memorial Day Fun

So life has been busy since Sean has been home. We have been having lots of fun, espcially on Memorial Day. We started the day with a nice a breakfast at Crackers & Co., where I ran into one my cute students from Keller and found out he's going to regular ed for first grade next year! I am not too surprised, he is a very bright boy, and so cute. Anyway, then we looked at a house that needs work, but great layout, great neighborhood (Recker and McKellips) and a great price. However we were 1 of 3 offers. So we'll see. Then we went to the park to play with more family, and then we went to a car dealership for Sean and Becky to get a car, while Aaron and I went to the mall and I got a cute new swimsuit, and then we grilled burgers, and went in the hottub at Sean and Beckys, then had some ice cream, and then finally called it a day! And Olivia was a trooper through all that. She's an awesome baby. I was feeling guilty when it was 9:30 and she was sooo tired and we were still out. But she slept amazing that night! And all day yesterday too. In other news...

I have lost 3lbs since getting our WiiFit! I absolutely love this thing. It's like having a trainer in your house... kinda. I get into the game part of it, trying to beat my last score, wanting to rack up WiiFit credits (minutes working out) to unlock new exercises, etc. But I love being able to see my progress in a graph, and I also love how the balance board works, and the game tells me I am shakey, or favoring my left side and to try to stay steady and balance using core muscles and all that stuff. Yoga poses that I never really felt a stretch or a burn before I am feeling now because I'm actually doing it right. It's really a lot of fun. Plus I'm running outside too, prepping for the 5K coming up in June. I still have a ways to go to get to my ideal weight, but I am having fun getting there.
And of course some pictures...
Sometimes Olivia is so happy it takes over her entire face.

And other times she's just really sad that she has to be in her carseat, again.

And sometimes I clean the kitchen one spoon at a time.

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