Hanging in There

First full week in Erie. Maybe it's been longer than that. I know it has, but my brain won't let me think hard enough to figure out how long we've been here.

So I'll focus on what I can remember. Last Sunday I had a really bad headache. The next day I felt alright, but still not great. Tuesday I was starting to feel pretty crappy. Just blah. Same for Weds. But also my throat started hurting. And the fever. Oh wait I already posted about my strep throat. Anyway so that was that. I got some antibiotics in me and by Friday even, I was feeling much better. Still not quite 100% but worlds and worlds better.

We've gotten so much done. And still have so much to do. Yesterday we did a little more unpacking and went to the beach. It's a lake beach. But it's still way fun. Olivia absolutely loves it.
Today is the first Sunday we haven't gone to someone's house for dinner in pretty much our entire marriage. I didn't know what I was going to do with myself, until I took Olivia for a drive and she puked all over herself in the car.

I'm in the middle of cleaning that up right now. Well I guess not middle, since she's already showered, redressed and sleeping... the car seat is taken apart and in the washing machine. Cleaning puke is really the worst part of this whole mom gig. Now I'm not sure if she's getting sick or just chugged her juice too fast. She's been acting pretty normal. I guess time will tell, and I'm really seriously hoping it was the juice.

Abigail got another tooth. On the bottom. That makes 5. She's been pretty happy.

Aaron starts school tomorrow. We are excited. And now I'm back to cleaning puke.

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