Weight Issues.

I like this blog to be all about my kids and keeping in touch with everyone since we're all spread out now. Occasionally I like to ramble. This is one of those times. I often toy with the idea of creating another blog for my rambling. But then I'd have to think of a name and I'm really not good at that. So if you are only interested in my kiddo's feel free to skip this post.

I started Jazzercise yesterday morning. They have a scale there. I stepped on it this morning and I weigh 226lbs. I can not believe I am posting this for the world to see, but I need to start doing something. I'm hoping by documenting it here it will help motive me... or something. Anyway, that number really depresses me. For one thing, it is heavier than I was at THE END of my pregnancy with Olivia. For another... well it just keeps going up. I am losing my mind. I got a Mirena IUD put in about 3 months ago. I was 216 when I got it put in. Or somewhere around there. So I think part of it is that. Weight gain is a side effect. And I'm afraid maybe I've used that as an excuse. So Jazzercise is seriously a good workout for me right now. Maybe it is super easy and I'm just way out of shape... but I sweat my butt off. I push myself through that class. I plan on going 5 days a week. And I'm going to try really hard to eat better. To just be aware of what I'm eating. To have self control. I am going to weigh myself every Friday. And then I'll post it here.

Anyone have any tips? I mean I KNOW how to lose weight. Eat fewer calories than burned. Drink lots of water. So besides that. Like how to stick with it. Or any tricks that make doing that any easier?


Laura said...

Hey Laur --
Glad to see you are taking care of yourself! I'm sure you are often put on the back burner what with 2 little ones to take care of!

I have a few tips for you --
First of all, it's great that you plan on going to jazzercise 5 days a week -- but dont set your goals so high that they are out of your reach, especially not right away. with the girls, things might come up and you may find it hard to go that often. If you can, great. But if you can't, often times people get into ruts like "well I didnt go 2 days this week so I may as well not go the other three because I already blew it" sort of thinking, ya know?

Start small and work your way up!

Secondly -- there are no tricks to weight loss and living healthy! Anything that promises you fast weight loss will not last. The second you stop doing whatever it is, the weight will pile back on.

Just eat less and move more and make it part of your life and not just a "diet" and you will see results eventually!

As you know I've been doing Weight Watchers since college...many people dont like it because they dont want to follow "points" or count calories, but aside from that, there are a lot of good healthy habits to be learned from being a Weight Watcher. If I think of anymore to share with you, I sure will. Good luck!!

Kimberly said...

I'm with Lauren on this, don't set too high a goal for yourself. You are only setting yourself up. Set a goal for 3 times, if you can do more, GREAT!
I set a timer for 10 minutes and have to do my stairs! I try for atleast every other day, but if I do 2 days in a row, GREAT!
Small goals. I set a goal to be 199, I started in January, I have 5 more pounds to go. But I set a small goal first. 100 pounds just sounded like too much to start with.
Keep us posted on your progress. Remember slow and steady wins the race...

Jill said...

I went to Jazzercise with Christy and Debi for a while and it's not easy! Give yourself credit for pushing through it cuz it is definately a work out!

I just joined a gym last night cuz I'm starting this pregnancy 20 lbs heavier than I did the other two. That worries me. I also came across a blog that is such a great resource. It's called Trainer Momma and I put the link on my blog. She is a mother of 2 and now also a personal trainer. She lists exactly what she eats each day so you can see how to eat less calories but still be full and satisfied. She also posts workouts you can do at home.... like lunges and stuff.

So check that out and good luck to us both! :)

Liz said...

It's tough, but if you can stick with smaller portions you WILL get used to it. When I am losing weight I find it is because I am doing simple things- drinking more water, eating different foods, like carrots, etc. If you don't already try adding at least an apple a day. They have SO much fiber you feel much fuller, longer. I also make sure I have less white breads and pastas, more protein in any form. I did nutri-system for awhile and did really well on it... until we went on vacation. I've found that lean cuisines are more satisfying and taste ALOT better. And they are cheaper. Just make sure you add more fruits and veggies with it. Also, amazingly, Goldfish are an excellent snack. They have less than 1g sugar, and they have 4g protein in every serving. mmmmmm Goldfish.

That's what I am doing right now, and my clothes are getting looser and looser!

Rebecca said...

I'm trying to lose weight and eat better too. It's not easy and my weight goes up and down constantly. I'm trying walking again, but it's so darn hot sometimes. I just give myself credit for what I do and try not to focus on what I don't. Knocking yourself down makes it that much harder to keep going. My tip at work when I get the munchies is to eat a mint because NOTHING tastes good after a mint! (Maybe I just need to eat mints every few hours! haha!) But, seriously, good luck.

Lauren said...

Thanks guys! I am excited. And I am taking baby steps, but I do think I need to go 5 days a week to Jazzercise just because that's how I do things, like it just becomes part of my routine. But I def won't give up if I miss a day. I have been thinking a lot about everyone's comments and thinking about myself, like what triggers me to eat more etc. Anyway this can be a whole post itself, lol. Thanks for the link Jill, I'm going to check it out.

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