That cuteness I promised.

Thanks Aunt Marita for the cute tutu's! The girls love them. I love them! LOL They are so adorable in them.

Also Abigail's little pony tail is my favorite thing in the world. And the serious expression on her face.

I love that they're kind of playing together in the last picture.

It's hot here today. This picture was taken during better cooler times. :) I know before we know it we'll be freezing and wishing for a day like this, but today it is too hot to even really play outside. Yuck! Good thing it's laundry day.

Some notable quotes from Olivia during the trip, "Mom Old Poppy is in heaven?" Yup. "Oh, is heaven in my mouth?" Where does she even think of these things??? She also told my cousin she wasn't her friend, she was family. We like to keep those things separate around here I guess.

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Kate said...

Love those girls Laur. Can't wait to see you guys again this weekend!