We are getting more settled. Yesterday was productive. I am so proud of myself because I have stayed on top of the laundry for 2 weeks! I think that might be a record, and I want to keep the streak alive. We got the office area set up. And I finally got the girls' clothes mostly put away. Hung a few more pictures. Kids are starting to act more normal, less cranky. I think they are settling in nicely. And then last night...

Last night I fell asleep a little after 11, or so. Then 5 short hours later Olivia woke up crying, which woke up Abigail. Olivia was soaking wet with pee. I changed her. She said she was scared, so I let her lay in our bed. All she did was talk and squirm and demand that I tickle her, and scratch her back. So she got kicked out. Which woke up Abigail again. Who was poopy. I don't mind changing diapers all that much, but at 4am, no thank you! So get her back in bed. Lay with Olivia for a few minutes, really just to keep her quiet so Abigail doesn't wake up again. Then I leave and it's 5am. What's the point of trying to sleep now? And good thing because less than 30 minutes later, Olivia is up again (don't think she ever actually fell back to sleep) claiming to be hungry.

It's going to be a long day.

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