worst day ever

The past few days I have been feeling pretty crappy. Thought it was just stress from moving + humidity I'm not so used to... I've been trying to tough it out. But hard to ignore a fever peaking at just over 102, and a throat hurting so bad I wince every time I have to swallow. So this morning drive Aaron to school for orientation. Come home and look up doctors. Can't find my phone. Check my email and find out Aaron accidentally took my phone. Drive back to school get phone, call a dr. Find out they can't see me for 3 days. They recommend a walk in place. Get lost going there. Cry. Drive around in circles crying. Olivia pees her pants. Cry some more. Wait an hour to see doctor. Olivia kicks an old lady, and keeps lifting her dress exposing her comando bottom bc I didn't want to leave wet panties on her. And I forgot diaper bag. Finally see the doctor. Tell him my symptoms. He said sounds like a typical sore throat, gargle with salt water, etc. I tell him no way am I paying 100 bucks to hear that, and asked him to do a strep test. He did. It came back positive. Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon, because seriously this is the worst. And hopefully my kids don't get it. Pray for that miracle please. Trying to take care of my kids while my throat is burning and my fever is peaking at 102... blaaahhh. Just terrible.

Almost through today. I can go pick up Aaron in an hour. Light at the end of the tunnel.

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Jill said...

All of that is TERRIBLE!

I thought your doctor recommended a walk in place... meaning for you to stand in one place and pretend to walk! I was like "how in the world would that help?!" I kept reading though and it made more sense!

Feel better. Call your RS pres! No better way to get acquainted.