Worst grocery trip ever

So I ran 2.4 miles today. Pushing a stroller with like 60 lb of kid inside. Go me! Then afterwards I realized we needed hamburger buns for dinner. So a quick stop at Giant Eagle and we'd be set.

I want to write this so you can really picture the ridiculousness of it. It was pretty chilly. Like 50 degrees. That might as well be subzero temps for my Arizona babies. And of course Olivia can't keep her jacket on in the car because it's TOO hot in the car. So I get her jacket back on her, and get her out, and tell her to stay RIGHT BY ME (in the mean mommy voice, ya know the one, right?) while I get Abigail out of her car seat. She's usually really good about this. Today she started to run into the parking lot. Full speed. I screamed my head off like she was about to be ran over, but there wasn't even a car in sight. But there could've been! Anyway that got my heart pumping. Then walking to the entrance Olivia is crying because I'm holding her arm not her hand. Then she's crying because she wants the other cart. Then we're in the store hightailing it to the bathroom since I reeeeeeally have to pee and so does Olivia. Get to the bathroom, cram us all into one stall. Abigail still in cart. Olivia insists on going first. Then takes forever. Then gets obsessed with the "magic flushing" toilet. Anyway, finally I get to go. And right as I'm standing up to pull up my pants (there's an image I know you all wanted) Olivia opens the stall door, right as a lady was walking into the bathroom, which this door faced perfectly. I just froze. Our eyes locked in a moment of awkardness. She just left the bathroom entirely. I got the kids out, washed our hands (Olivia cried because she didn't want to wash her hands) apologized to the lady and made some comment about "no privacy with these little ones, sorry.." and of course I just had to run into her like 3 more times in the store. Because of course while I was there I remembered we needed to try Quinoa and there's a black bean recipe I wanted to try... and yeah ended up spending $70, and about $10 of it was on crap to just keep Olivia from throwing fits.

By the time we go to the checkout Olivia was promised a pony if she would just stop crying and sit still. Abigail dropped her cookie and said "Uhoohhh". Olivia cried because I wouldn't let her eat it. So much for that pony. Then of course the whole journey back to the car. Olivia will no longer stay in the cart, she wants to walk. This time I remember to hold her HAND, and we make it back to the car. Get Olivia buckled into her carseat while Abigail is still in shopping cart.. ahh I'm learning. Olivia's crying because she wants a cookie. Abigail's now crying because she doesn't want to be in the car seat and probably because Olivia is crying.

Made it home. Made dinner. Kids in bed. Laundry still needs to be put away but I am too exhausted to do anything other than type this then sleeeeeep.


Jamie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! LOL Seriously, do they know that they torment us? That is definitely one for the books. Thanks for the laugh though!

Liz said...

EEEK! That sounds like a bad one for sure! And I have the funniest pic of your face when that lady walked in.... because I know what mine would have looked like. Actually, I might have screamed if that happened to me!

Rebecca said...

We've all had days like that, I'm sure! Glad to hear you survived it!

Christina said...

That made me laugh so hard! Oh, I needed that. I know you didn't need that experience but that was hilarious!!