The world keeps spinning faster...

Today I decided to let Aaron study and get the kids out of the house. We went to the grocery store than to the park. I didn't bring a diaper bag. It wasn't going to be a long trip, and I had just changed Abigail's diaper, so we SHOULD have been good. After the grocery store we drove around looking for a new park. By the time we found the park I thought I smelt something a little funky.

Abigail had poop down to her toes. It was by far the grossest poop mess I have ever faced. And I'm the biggest pushover/idiot ever... I didn't want to disappoint Olivia and have to go home. Plus Aaron needed the time to study, and the weather was SO nice. So I dug through the trunk and found a beach towel and spare pair of shorts. I "cleaned" as much as I could with the towel, and my spit. Seriousy. Gross. So anyway I threw away the pants and socks Abigail was wearing, along with the towel. I put the other shorts on her and let her play. As soon as we got home we were all bathed. There was no one at the park when this all happened. But a family came shortly after. Surprisingly their visit was pretty short. I wondered if it was from our stench. My suspicions were confirmed when a group of teenagers showed up, then quickly left covering their noses.

At least we had the playground to ourselves.

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