So Fall here is absolutely beautiful.

The leaves are the most beautiful colors. I seriously can't drive anywhere, I have to let Aaron drive because I'm so easily distracted by the breath taking colors. And then there's that wonderful smell. Ya know, the leaves, someone making a fire, the cool breeze, whatever it is, it just smells like fall and I LOVE it.

On Friday I took the kids the Port Farms. It's such a fun place. I wish our camera wasn't dead, or at least that we knew where the charger was. They have this huuuuge box full of dry corn! Abigail loved it. She would just flop back and roll around in it. And eat it. Like it was candy. Olivia also loved it. But she really liked these huge slides they had built into a big hill. And feeding goats. And hayrides. It was just a perfect fall day.

Then the next day we made a big pile of leaves and played in it. Jumping, throwing, rolling. It was good times.

Yesterday we all went back to Port Farms as a family. It was just as much fun as the first time. I really love this time of year. Doesn't hurt that my birthday is on Sunday!

Abigail has some new tricks. Besides walking everywhere like it's her job, she also started folding her arms for prayer. And saying "uh-oh" whenever something "bad" happens. Like the music stops, the TV turns off, she drops something, etc. She is such a little bundle of cute.

Bedtime is getting better. Olivia's stopped coming out of her room, for the most part. But last night she was still up in her bed reading books after 9:00! The other night she was reading until almost 11! I mean, I know Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree is a pretty gripping tale, real page turner really, but good grief. She's up before the sun every single day of her life. Maybe I need to have her stop taking naps... ugh, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that. We'll see. And I guess as long as she's reading in her bed quietly it shouldn't bother me. But she has also been grouchy. Oh well, figuring it out as we go, I guess.

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