Another day to remember

Yesterday Aaron and I spent the day in NYC. We took the bus in at 10:00am. Got the most delicious pizza for lunch. Walked to Rockefeller Center. We watched ice skaters for a few minutes. Had fun remembering 5 years ago when we were ice skating there. Then went to Aaron's favorite place in all of New York... Nintendo World. Only to find they were closed for renovations. Then we went to FAO Schwartz and found a birthday present for Abigail. And saw the Big Piano. That was fun. Then we went to Central Park. And rode a horse and carriage through Central Park. I know it's like the touristy thing to do.. but guess what... we were tourists. And we loved it. It was a beautiful day. And there were lots of cute little kids in Halloween costumes getting their pictures taken by parents, and professional photographers. Then we made our way over to the LDS Manhattan Temple. (Wanna know more about the temple, click here.) It was so wonderful to be within the sacred walls of the temple. It was a very enjoyable way to spend 2 hours. Then we went to our favorite Italian restaurant in the entire world, 44 Southwest. Or Southwest 44... or something. Anyway, we make sure to go every time we're in New York. Then we got hot chocolate for our walk back to Port Authority to hop on the 8:00 bus home.

Then we got to go to a hotel. And sleep!!! For 9 hours!! Ahhh it's been heaven. And I actually miss my kids and can't wait to go see them. I am blogging this from our hotel.


Jamie said...

Sounds like a dream! I'm glad you guys had a great time! And I'M JEALOUS!!!

Christina said...

Wow, that sounds awesome. Ty and I have been dreaming for a day like that. We are saving up for a cruise. Our goal is to go for our 10 year anniversary. Man, that sounds insane to think about, 10 years! That gives us a little over a year to save. I'm so happy that you guy's were able to do that.

Nicole said...

Lauren! I guess I never paid much attention to where you moved to. We're planning a trip to Philadelphia, D.C., and New York City in December. Can you e-mail me some of your favorite things to do, places to eat, etc? We're having a hard time planning activites since we've never been there. And since you live so close I thought you might have some inside information :) Thanks a bunch! hastingsfam@cox.net