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So I'm reading These is my Words and I can't get these characters out of my head. I find myself thinking in "western". I even said "I'm fixin' for some mighty fine chocolate tonight". I get way to wrapped up in whatever book I'm reading. I may even be referring to Aaron as Captain Elliot in my mind. I think he'd laugh too hard at me if I said it aloud.

Have you heard of this book? It is sooo good. So so good. If you haven't read it, you should go get it and read it. These is my Words by Nancy E. Turner. We read it for book club. And then I didn't read it, but went to book club anyway because I never let ignorance get in the way of a good opinion, and left there needing to read the book. Everyone loved it. We talked on and on about it for a couple hours. And now as I'm reading it I'm kicking myself that I hadn't read it before book club. There is so much I want to talk about. Like did anyone else start thinking in "old western"?

I know the ending also, since we talked about it. And I think I might not finish it. I'm almost done and it's still happy... so I might just stop reading and pretend like I don't know the sad, sad ending. I don't know if I could even bear it now just thinking about it.

It's loosely based on Turner's great-grandmother's journal. She was an early settler of the Arizona Territory. It's a story about her journey on the wagon trails, and her life, and the most beautiful love story. Oh really you have to read it. I've been neglecting my children all day to read a few pages. And I'm blogging now because I know what's coming, and I really am not sure I want to read it. Or that I want it to end. Maybe I'll write my own ending. Oh I'm ridiculous. Okay I'm going to go google now to see if Captain Elliott was real.

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Jamie said...

Loved it!!!!!