So Thanksgiving passed without me writing about what I'm grateful for. I think God punished by a series of unfortunate events. We came home Sunday and our internet was somehow disconnected. And it took until today to fix it. And then the window in our car broke, like wouldn't go back up, kind of broke. And of course it stormed really bad and the car got soaked, and the seat heater broke. Aaron has it taped up nice for us now. We'll get it fixed soon. Something else went wrong but I don't remember right now. Also today was laundry day and I didn't do any laundry. Well I did one load. I was so incredibly lazy today. I even took a nap on the recliner while Abigail napped and Olivia watched TV.

It feels so "done" to list all that I'm grateful for. But it must be said. I have the best husband and kids ever. I love them, and feel privileged being the matriarch of this little family. I am also so grateful for my mom and dad, and my Nanny, all my extended family.

It was a good Thanksgiving. The empty seat was obvious and I'm sure felt by all. I miss Poppy a lot still. Getting out the Christmas decorations was kind of hard since pretty much every single thing we have was a gift from him. He got the kids all these singing and light up things. Last year I was joking that my house looked like a senior center or something. Seriously every decoration I have sings. But I'm so grateful to have them. I wish I could tell him that this year Abigail is big enough to enjoy them too, and she laughs and giggles as much as Olivia did last year. And that her favorite is the Christmas tree with Alvin and the chipmunks on it.

And now funny things Olivia says and does

Tonight at dinner - "Okay stinky pants." me - "Did you just call me stinky pants?"
Olivia - "I was trying to say thank you Mommy, but it just came out stinky pants."

"My teddy bear has the flute, Dr. Mommy, he's really sick. He the flute real bad."

"I'm a bad witch, put a spell on me! Spell witch." So I did, w-i-t-c-h, and then she said, "Oh no I'm a statue now! That spell turned me into a statue!" We were laughing so hard... she thinks spells... are spelling... oh cuteness.

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