An idea

I have this idea for a blog where I update every day with just one sentence. One sentence that pretty much sums up the whole day. But since this blog is primarily to keep in touch with out of state family I think they might be sad if all they got was a single sentence without explanation. But maybe they would like it? Could I limit myself to one sentence really? I mean I'm a babbler really. I love to "hear" myself talk. I don't know if I could do it. But maybe I could, and then I could tell more of the story in the comments or something. Then if you wanted to read it you could read the comments. ? I think about weird things sometimes. I don't always have time to update. Sometimes I don't know if I have anything interesting enough to say. But one picture or one sentence that could just bring me back to the day could be kind of fun. I think I might try it. Alright let's see if I could sum up today in one sentence/phrase it would be:

I love my kids so much I would lay down my life for them, but I live for date nights (especially ones that include hot chocolate and target browsing).

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