Marine Corps Birthday

I used to work at Chili's. One night a table of older ladies came in. They only ordered drinks and appetizers. And by drinks I mean they each had pints of beer, and one had the house wine (which I was instructed to never sell because it tastes like vinegar, but the old lady wanted it even after I told her so). The ladies told me they were all widows. And that all of their husbands were in the Marines. And every year on the Marine Corps birthday they went out and celebrated. They were so sweet. If they didn't come in I would have no idea it was the Marine Corps birthday. So on my way home from work I called Poppy and wished him a happy birthday. He was so surprised that I "remembered". He told me that every year he would get tons of phone calls on this day from old Marine buddies. As the years went on, and those buddies passed away, those phone calls were less and less. The year that those ladies came in, I was the only phone call. And somehow every year since, something has happened to remind me on that very day that it was the Marine Corps birthday. And every year I would call him. I never ever remembered on my own. Something would always randomly happen that would let me know all over again. Every year I'd call and wish him a happy birthday. Apparently this year is no different. Someone's facebook status was a happy birthday USMC.

Gosh I still miss him so much. Excuse me while I go cry a few tears and say a few prayers.


Kate said...

You know that meant so much to him Laur. As poppy always said, once a Marine, always a Marine. You know he's happy you remembered once again. We'll always miss him, but you are proof that he left a legacy that will never stop. Make sure you salute the flag like he taught us.

Emily Ruth said...

Sending virtual hugs from Mesa.
(( ))