Just love

It's not his birthday or our anniversary, I just wanted to blog about this guy. He is currently upstairs trying to get our restless babies to rest. He is my greatest supporter. I feel so lucky to be parenting with him. Last night he was reading me my email about Super Saturday today. Convo went something like this:

Pumpkin roll class at 11:30.
Ooohhh I hafta be there.
Why? You already know how to make the best pumpkin roll ever.
No I don't. I've never made a pumpkin roll in my life.
But you know how. You just go on allrecipes.com, search for best pumpkin roll recipe, read the recipe and every single review and note. Then make your own alterations. Then you make the best tasting thing in the world. That's how you roll, pumpkin.

Yeah, he knows me. And he makes me laugh. Every day. I'm a lucky girl.


Jill said...

:) cute

Jamie said...

I LOVE that top pic of you guys!

Christina said...

dido on the other two comments, plus I've never seen Aaroni with a beard before. So manly! Looking forward to seeing you guy's.

melmck said...

i love that carriage!