It all happened at the zoo.

Today was beautiful. Weather-wise anyway. I went for a run outside. When kids woke up from their naps we went to the Erie Zoo. We decided to get a pass, and I'm glad we did, or else this trip would have been WORTHLESS. So much stuff was closed because they close end of Nov. Animals were gone. It was kind of a disappointing trip. We still had fun though. And then they closed around 5. We headed back to our car. Aaron couldn't find the keys. Panic. Look in car. There they are, sitting on the car seat. Must have been put down to get out babies or whatever (Aaron's fault, just sayin...). Fortunately one quick call to AAA, and a half hour later, we were rescued. Then we came home and I started a small fire on one of the burners on our stove. But dinner was still good.

I am trying to maximize the warm weather. I know it's not going to last much longer. But I just saw the weather forcast and it looks like it's going to be pretty nice next week too. Honestly I am so ready for freezing temps, gray skies and SNOW! I can't wait for it. As long as the weather is nice I feel a real sense of urgency to be outside enjoying it. I can't relax and do anything inside because I just keep thinking, it's nice out!! Must be outside!

Anyway, nothing else too exciting to report. Olivia has been full of funny sayings, but usually by the time I get around to blogging I can't remember any of them. She is starting dance class this week and I am so excited.

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