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Yeahh... so what else do you do when your baby wants to nurse for three straight hours?? At least she fills up so she can sleep for 5 solid hours. Beautiful! I really have been blessed with an incredible baby. She has her one stretch of fussiness where she just wants to nurse for these 3 hours, but all day she is great. I really hope things continue to go so well. I'm just waiting for the inconsolible cries that leave me feeking helpless... hopefully it never happens! Right now she's pretty easy to console. Food, diaper, or just some cuddles. Love it! And Aaron is so helpful. We are leaving for New Jersey on April 9th. I cannot wait!!! I never thought my baby would be a month old before it met my family :( But I'm so lucky to be able to travel back as often as we do. I really can't wait to show her off. I know everyone will just love her to peices like we do here!!


LG said...

omg april 9th is soooooooo soon!!!! cant wait to see her!!! and i have presents for her tooooo!!!!!

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

Sounds like she is a great baby! Ellie was a good one too. The only thing I had a problem with Ellie was she wanted to nurse almost all day. But she was a great sleeper at night so I never complained too much (after my body got used to it).

I watched a 3 month old yesterday and it made me appreciate how good Ellie was because this other little girl that I was watching was extremely fussy!