Happy Easter!

Here is Olivia with her cousins, Katelyn and Danielle. They are identical twins, about 3 months older than Olivia! I just know they're going to have so much fun growing up together. With Olivia's dress on she actually looks a lot bigger than she is! She is soo tiny right now, compared to her cousins. For Easter we basically slept allllll day. We went to Sacrament Meeting, because I really can't imagine staying indoors for the next 4 weeks. No one really got too close, just looking at her, so I'm not too worried about her getting sick or anything. I thought she would sleep all through church, but I was wrong! She pooped during the opening prayer, and got fussy after that. She is quiet as a mouse, so probably only Aaron and I could hear her, but Aaron changed her, and then she mostly slept. I listened to hymns a lot during my last trimester when I couldn't sleep, and it's funny because they put her right to sleep! She would be awake and fussy, and then we'd sing and she'd fall right to sleep. So Sunday night at home I played some hymns and sure enough she konked right out! She actually slept from about 1-6! At first I was worried that she was going so long without eating, but she is having plenty of messy diapers so I'm over that fear. We will go to the dr. this week to make sure she is gaining weight right and all that good stuff. Today we took a lovely stroll around the temple and visited Daddy at work. Quite the outing! I have to get out a little bit every day or I will go crazy. Anyway, back to Easter... I feel kind of bad because we didn't do Easter baskets or anything this year. We didn't even get Olivia a "first easter basket"! Well she has one, in the closet, but we didn't put anything in it. I mean really... what do you put in a basket for a 2 week old?? But nonetheless I feel like I should have a picture of her in a pretty dress with her basket full of stuff... so I'm thinking of posing a fake one. lol.


Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

She is even cuter in person! I had to peek at her when Aaron was in the hall with her yesterday. Ellie has a girl cousin 3 months younger than her and I agree that it will be fun for them to grow up together. :)

And don't feel bad about not doing a basket for her. Last year Ellie was 6 weeks old and we didn't do anything. Even this year - I bought all my stuff at the dollar store! I say take advantage of not spending money while you still can.

Hadley Family Clan! said...

I love Olivia's adorable dress. She is seriously a beautiful baby and she looks so tiny...I guess she is since she's only a few weeks old:) How cute that she has twin cousins. I am so sad that I wasn't in sacrament on Sunday. We went to my grandparents ward, but I am excited to meet your little girl. What a nice Easter to relax and be able to go to church.

One BIG HAPPY Family said...

So CUTE - makes me ALMOST want to drive to Mesa to see her in person. If only the gas prices weren't so high. I will make it to see here though - just not right now.