Daddy's My Guitar Hero

I love his idea of quality time. Shortly after this was taken, he asked me to hold her because he couldn't use his star power with her in his arms. LOL! But seriously, Aaron is the most amazing daddy in the world. He loves cuddling with her, and doing all he can to help, even after working all day. Last night he just held her for two hours while I slept. It breaks his heart every morning when he has to leave. He hurries home every chance he gets, and begs me to send more pictures while he's away. I never really thought I could fall more in love with him, but seeing him hold our little angel brings feelings deeper than I thought I had! It's weird, because my whole life this is all I've ever wanted. A loving husband and a beautiful baby. Sitting there holding her seems surreal. I really feel like every dream I've ever had has come true.
Anyway, Olivia is doing wonderful. She's kind of figuring out her schedule. She sleeps from like 7 to about 11. Then she wakes up until about 2am. But then from 2am-7am she sleeps! Then she wakes up until about 8:30, and then she sleeps again from about 9 to noon. Then she's up from noon until about 1:30, and she sleeps until about 5! Then 5 - 7 she's up. Granted she's only like 10 days old, so she's done this 3 days in a row, so I'm assuming we're figuring things out. I'm so glad to get that 5 hours of sleep from 2 - 7! And then I sleep while she's sleeping in the morning until noon. She also never really cries unless she wants something. Once she gets it, she stops crying instantly. She loves her little vibrating bouncy chair thing. She instantly falls asleep when I put her in it. Feeding has also gotten much better. She eats like a champ! She is def getting chubbier every day. And on average she eats every 4 hours. Sometimes a little bit more frequently, sometimes less, but we're both getting the hang of it now. Well I hear her fussing so time to go!


ashley said...

I LOVE it! Quality time with dad is the best! Seriously! It's the sweetest thing to see a daddy/daughter moment like that! It doesn't get much better!

LG said...

lauren that is adorable!! i hope billy is as good a dad as aaron is (altho that wont be for maaaaany years lol!) The more pictures you post the more i cannot WAIT to meet her!!!!!!!

Ashlei said...


I can't believe it!! Congratulations!! Laura gave me your info. I just moved to AZ because my best friend Jenny had a baby boy on December 27th ...where in AZ are you? Oh I hope close...can we make a playdate? haha

Now I'm excited I can update myself on your life on here, haha.

<3 Ashlei

Hadley Family Clan! said...

What a precious picture of daddy and Olivia. That cracks me up that he is trying to play guitar hero while holding her. Isn't it amazing how once you have a baby you seem to be able to do so much with baby in your arms. I love her litte outfit too and the vibrating bouncy chair is the best.