Pregnant. Sick. Hopefully neither for much longer.

Well I figure if I don't do this every day people will be wondering if I'm in the hospital or not!

So here's a quick update... I'm still pregnant. And sick.

But good news... I have been having lots more pains, one I might consider a contraction because it actually hurt enough that I had to stop talking until it passed. That was about 15 minutes ago, after walking around Tempe Marketplace and Sam's club all afternoon.

Although I'm not really sure I want the baby to come right now. I'd sure like to be able to breathe through contractions... although Aaron pointed out that the coughing might help during the pushing stage... I feel like I'm going to cough this sucker out of me already!

But one more reason I think it might come tonight... Super Smash Bros. comes out for the Wii, and Aaron wants to go get it at midnight... really bad. He's been planning on it for a while now... and it's just Aaron's luck that we'll be in the hospital at midnight tonight, our minds not even close to some game (well at least mine, and his better not be!).

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Hadley Family Clan! said...

You crack me up about getting the wii game..so did you get it? I just realized that it's actually past midnight and I am still up and wanted to get an update on the progress of baby and you. Good luck girl and hope you feel better soon...come baby come:) I sure hope Aaron doesn't bring the wii to the hospital and play it until baby comes..haha