must be a girl... she's already running late!

So I've been pretty happy and comfortable for pretty much my entire pregnancy... but now it's my turn to be miserable!! I am now 2 days past my due date, which isn't very much, but I never thought I'd make it to this weekend. And yesterday at the Doctor's he was like, "well your last ultrasound put you due Feb 29" Well I'm really glad I didn't know that this whole time. But I have been having some contractions... nothing serious, in fact I don't even like calling them contractions because then I think this baby should be here by now. But besides the wonderfullness of being two days past my due date... I also think I caught an upper respitory infection. Tuesday a girl at Aaron's office had to go home because of asthma like symptoms, and so I offerred to come in and work for her since I'm going insane at home. Well turns out she had a respitory infection... and since yesterday I have been coughing like crazy. Now my chest hurts, I think mostly from coughing so much. So I'm kind of hoping that the baby does wait until I'm better so I can actually breathe while I'm in labor!

Oh and update about how things went at the doctor... well I'm progressing. 2 cm dilated, 85% effaced, and the baby's head is exactly where it should be. We are on the induction list for the 15th if there's no baby by then. I can't even bring myself to think that's possible. It's only 8 days away, but that seems like an eternity. Maybe now that I'm so miserable the baby will somehow sense that and want to get out! Maybe we've both been too comfortable... so maybe all this is a good thing.


Hadley Family Clan! said...

I love your title! I couldn't imagine being late and yes any day after your due date seems like FOREVER!!! Hopefully you WONT be at church on Sunday and they can announce that you already had your baby(not that I don't want to see you:). Good luck Lauren and I am so excited for you to start your family with a new baby in your home. Can't wait to meet baby:)

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

I keep checking your blog for updates! I'm sad that the little one isn't here yet and that you are now sick. Here's hoping you feel better and that he/she makes their arrival sooner than the 15th!