I was a little excited

Okay I forgot some very important details here. Like oh maybe her name (Thanks Mallory!).

Introducing... Olivia Celeste Opie.

8lbs 8oz. Born at 11:06am on March 10th.

Yes, she was going to be Valerie Michele... but Heavenly Father said no. It just didn't feel right. Even after we told EVERYONE she was Valerie. We wrote Valerie on several documents (thank goodness not the birth certificate). But it just never felt right. It was hard to finalize it, because it was after Aaron's mom and my mom and we were worried about hurting feelings, like "We're naming our daughter after you! Tell all your friends!" Next day... "Uhmmm actually sorry we changed it." But she is def our little Olivia, and I'm sure she'll have fun telling this story some day, explaining why she has a paper in her scrapbook that says, "Valerie".

Anyway I think that's all. More to come when there's time.


Mallory And Jon Willyerd said...

your little girl is perfect!!
im glad to hear your story about her name, because i am going through the same thing right now. We keep telling everyone that it is going to be Hannah, but deep inside i have a small doubt that maybe its not right.. so we shall see :)
congrats again!!

David, Sarah, Zach, Cannon and Elliot said...

YEAH! Congratulations!!! I am so excited! I've been wondering how you've been. Jlynn told us tonight at mutual that you had a girl! but no one knew the details! She is gorgeous! Thanks for your wonderful birth story! Totally made me cry!!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

She's beautiful!!! I love her name and what a sweet story to tell along with her beautiful name. It's amazing when your feelings take over and you know that your baby is to be named something other than what you had planned. Olivia is Gorgeous!

LG said...

dont forget to show her the post on www.msinformedblog.com which crossed out Valerie Michele and replaced it with Olivia Celeste!!! LOL.

Lauren she is so beautiful and I'm not just saying that because it's the nice thing to say. You know me, when am I nice? lol. She is so perfect and beautiful and you 2 are truly blessed!!!!! Love you Walby!!!!

~AUNT Swiney

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

That's so funny because I read the name and I was thinking - that's not the name she picked out . ... But I LOVE the name Olivia. It was for this reason - we didn't name our daughter until we saw her. :) I think it really does make a difference what name FITS them.

Christina MC said...

I am so excited that you have a girl and that she's such a cute little thing. The date malfunction on your camera is hilarious. You can always photo shop it out if it's digital, otherwise you can play all kinds of tricks on Olivia about her "real" age. Congrats, I'm so excited that she's finally here.