Finally some Pictures!

Okay so I haven't been nearly as good about taking tons of pictures of Olivia as I have been in the past. So here are some random ones, the newest one is probably already over a week old. When she wakes up from her nap I'll have to add some more.
Love my Reliv!
Playing with cousin Jarom makes her laugh so hard!
Rice cereal goodness
Carrots (before we found out they constipated her!)
And this is hanging out with our friends, 5 year old Kaylee took this picture! Olivia started out on the other end of the blanket and scooted all the way off it to get my foot!

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LG said...

omg Lauren she is so big! And idk if it's just me, I do see Aaron in her ALOT, but I also see your dad! Is that crazy?? lol. Did Granny tell you I saw her at Macy's? Call me soon or I'll call you! Miss you so much Walby!!!