My Reliv Story.

So it's kind of funny, I share this story with complete strangers almost every Tuesday night, and probably most people reading my blog have never heard. So I thought I'd type it out here and share how a network marketing company changed my life.

When Aaron and I got married 3 years ago, I knew his mom did something from home, and earned as much as $10,000 in a month. I had no clue what it was. I had never heard of any work from home opportunities before, so I had no bias against "network marketing". I wanted to know more about what she did. She I went to a Tuesday night meeting. I met lots of people also making lots of money, but also had lots of health results. So we decided I would start the products. I was dealing with a lot of fatigue. Probably slightly more than the average college student. I got sick a lot. Swollen glands and fevers frequently. Sinus infections probably every couple of months. Horrible menstrual headaches. None of these things seemed like huge issues to me. But anyway, 3 weeks taking Reliv and I started to feel better. I'll never forget waking up before my alarm clock, actually ready to get out of bed. Anyway, 3 years later I still feel great. But the most exciting result to me was when we started to try to get pregnant. It was taking forever. Every month that went by was really driving me insane. It was literally all I could think about. Finally after a year, before Aaron would agree to fertilty doctors, he wanted me to add Soy Essentials (one of reliv's functional formulas) to my Reliv Shake. 2 months later we were pregnant. I don't know where we'd be otherwise. And of course we've told people about it. Average income is around $200 a month, but our best month was $4,000. And now we're working towards allowing me to always be a stay-at-home mom, and dreaming of the day when our income is enough that even Aaron could come home.

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